before we can chat about the third installment of los angeles' biggest, wildest, and friendliest d.i.t. festival let's get familiar with the spaces. day one evolved within catnap, an enormous warehouse compound encouraging collaborative arts and spontaneous play. day two saw action in chuco's justice center, a community center and academic continuation resource for incarcerated youth. within these spaces fmly fest presented one hundred bands from all over the world, multiple geodesic domes, up to four stages of music, a sizable zine library thanks to the l.a. zine fest, free and affordable vegan food thanks to food not bombs and the revolutionary autonomous community (r.a.c.), free screen printing, workshops for developing urban autonomy, and the list goes on. we love this, and we're not going to slow down any time soon.

:: fest recaps ::
the search for fmly
tiny waves [day 1, 2]
revolutionary autonomous communities

:: select previews ::
la times
la weekly
la zine fest
la i'm yours

:: videos ::
kynan at catnap
pregnant at catnap
emily reo at chuco's salvador at chuco's
this machine kills zombies at chuco's
fairwind traders at chuco's