how can a community of geographically separated collectives become a safe, decentralized, non-authoritative home for emerging forms of expression? bring them home with you!

from june 21 – 23 we open our front doors and invite you into our bedrooms, basements, rooftops, and backyards to celebrate a shared intimate insanity. for these three days we hope to become involved in a possibility of what life could be like if we nurture creative impulse, collaborative desires, and allow for each and every moment to welcome the festivity of a more shared experience. we are not renting out any fancy social spaces or opening our embraces to shallow waters of non-committal diy-ism, but taking this opportunity to directly engage with our immediate community of bushwick and introduce our fam throughout the world to our inspiring neighbors. this summer, we welcome you home.

fmly fest brooklyn is made possible by shea stadium, 13 thames, bohemian grove, mckibben park, make music new york, dreamhouse collective, opera house lofts, mjmj records, kassette klub, tiny waves, stadiums & shrines, and YOU.

:: fest recaps ::
tiny waves
boston phoenix
the oxymoranist
bushwick daily

:: select previews ::
stadiums & shrines
the le sigh

:: interviews ::
make music new york

:: videos ::
hear hums at shea stadium
farms at shea stadium
many mansions at shea stadium
max alper and claire johannes at mckibben park
megafortress at 13 thames
alpha mc rooftop freestyle
dark sea of awareness improv at mckibben park