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the media
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it’s a clear thought, really, that we find meaning in the actions and beliefs of one another. as to ‘do it yourself’ is to manifest a passion, then to act collectively is to acknowledge and nurture a deeper, common need. fmly fest boston is an appreciation for those and that which do, not only for an individual catharsis but in order to nurture the communities and ideals that we wish to grow alongside. it is an absolute honor to collaborate with the awesomely inspiring arts and activist collectives of boston to organize a weekend of autonomy, a moment of solidarity, and an expression greater than itself. plus we’re really stoked to meet new friends and party hearty! check back soon for announcements regarding our schedule.

fmly fest boston was planned throughout a series of public meeting workshops beginning in february and running through june. none of this would be possible if not for the efforts and love from the media, boston hassle, dreamhaus, papercut zine library & lorem ipsum books, hum journal, democracy center, whitehaus, support boston, and more!

2:00-3:00 :: sounds electronics [we're building instruments!]
3:00-4:00 :: what are freeskools? [w. the greater boston freeskool]
4:00-5:00 :: safer spaces safer shows [w. support boston]
5:00-6:00 :: dinner! [provided by ali carter + caleb johannes]
6:00-7:00 :: media open editorial meeting [w. the media]
7:00-8:00 :: history of papercut [w. papercut zine library]
8:00-9:30 :: presentations & discussions with various east coast collectives
9:30-10:00 :: chalk it up! [making chalk! w. shane artsy]
10:00-10:30 :: writing home [w. noah klein]
10:30-11:00 :: hearts & crafts

:: greater boston freeskool
:: the media
:: papercut zine library
:: sweet as the south (vegan baked goods)
:: hum journal
:: tarot table
:: jordan parks (artist/screenprinter/weird portraits)

plus a really really free market, vegan treats, mario kart 64, zine shop, and more!

2:00-2:20 :: cuddle formation [ma / ny]
2:20-2:40 :: the spookfish [nj / s korea]
2:40-3:00 :: mutual benefit [ma] 
3:10-3:30 :: dawn fauna [ma]
3:30-3:50 :: olden yolk [ma] 
3:50-4:10 :: radiator girls [wi / ny]
4:20-4:40 :: yohuna [ma / wi] 
4:40-5:00 :: faust ghoul [ma] 
5:00-5:20 :: liana’s fire [ma] 
5:20-5:40 :: caustic rainbow [ma] 
5:40-6:00 :: emily reo [ma / fl] 
6:00-6:30 :: peace arrow + bois [fl]
6:30-7:00 :: many mansions [ma / ny] + greg mullen [tx]
7:00-7:30 :: tomboy [ma]
7:30-8:00 :: oulipo [nc]
8:00-8:30 :: alligator indian [nc] 
8:30-9:00 :: birthdays [ny / ma] 
9:00-9:30 :: majical cloudz [qc] 
9:30-10:00 :: truman peyote [ma]* 
*truman peyote's last show ever :'(

4:00-4:40 :: year of whore 
5:00-5:20 :: roses on my table
5:25-5:35 :: an experiment in socialism: rac’s free food program
5:40-5:55 :: the boston university biolab
6:00-6:25 :: the rhythm of rutledge
7:00-7:25 :: roll up your sleeves: a documentary about diy counterculture
7:30-7:40 :: elestial sound
7:45-7:55 :: underground in suburbia: a bridgetown records documentary
8:00-8:05 :: birthdays x vacation dad on fmly ride
8:05-8:15 :: the la fort's first night
& on loop :: truman peyote's "venice", cactile, figure in isolation, fmly fest on random, fog passes east, lucky dragons' make a baby project, move movie, film in which we visualize elements from the periodic table


[photos coming soon]