fmly fest is a collective celebration of the global fmly community. planned throughout a series of public meeting workshops, fmly fest is the expression of a horizontally structured, mutually supportive collective enthusiastic about supporting community-oriented arts which orbit positive themes of social, environmental, and political sustainability. phew, apologies for that mess of words. basically, our fest provides the opportunity for collectives to collaboratively engage with an international community and articulate the honest passions that make us feel alive in our environments. never forget: treat everywhere we go as our home and everyone we meet as fmly.

fmly fest has taken form in los angeles, orlando, phoenix, brooklyn, boston, and back in the summer of 2012 inspired a cross country caravan. we are proud to have shared the doings of incredible humans from japan, china, south america, north america, mexico, europe, australia, philippines, and various regions of africa. and finally, thanks to the power of green la fmly fest 2011 became the world’s first truly independent, solar powered music festival. we operate with no budget and appreciate every bit of support, this is all possible because of you.

"action is the product of the qualities inherent in nature. it is only the ignorant human who, misled by personal egotism, says: 'i am the doer.'"




"fmly fest is far from your ordinary music festival. it's the antithesis of the commercialized spectacle that we've all grown accustomed to. festival goers are afforded a neutral territory free from the restraints and expectations of the traditional concert experience. fmly stresses the importance of building communities as opposed to icons."
- tiny waves

"what makes each fmly fest special is how each community autonomously operates and integrates their identity and needs into what could otherwise just be another concert."

"all the essential ingredients for a potent fmly band: copious amounts of indie cred, an intriguing artistic style, and a dash of sweat-drenched nihilism."
- la times

"what fmly has shown me is that you can create a happening without it. you get your friends, you have some newcomers, they have this experience, and when it ends you go your separate ways. to me, that kind of party is the ultimate anarchist gathering."
- sean carnage, via la weekly

"this is diy at its finest..."
- yvynl

"fmly is a collective of artists, musicians, organizers, friends and good-spirited collaborators from around the country (and the world) who come together to turn big ideas into big happenings. foremost, fmly is about artistic possibility."
- make music new york

"one of the few festivals that will be legitimately and wholesomely fun. get your tickets before someone else who is kinder, cooler, and clearly just a better person than you does."
- impose magazine

"it's really great to come to a festival where the whole thing is centered around amazing vibes and no competition. no self-proclamation bullshit, no self promotion. just everybody trying to help everybody. that's what this is about. that's why we do it."
- little spoon